By: Elizabeth Dukes

Technology has dramatically reshaped the average workplace in America over the past couple of decades. The office environment of yesteryear is no longer, and has been taken over by rapid technological advancement, allowing employees to interact with a global market, and even take work out on the road.

The influx of new technologies that has been making the general convenience of our personal lives has grown exponentially, and has taken over our professional lives as well. Human resource leaders and facility managers are feeling the brunt of these rapid changes, and are especially vulnerable to this impact. Is your company keeping up with the evolution of technology in the workplace?

Here are 4 ways technology has modified the modern workplace for the better:

1.   Efficiency and Increased Productivity

The modern workplace has experienced a complete shift in how we spend our time. Time management has been optimized, and the efforts put into every-day tasks have been lightened. Employee productivity and efforts have been improved, allowing them to place more emphasis on more important things such as precision and creativity. The level of expectation of clients and co-workers has also changed because of technology in the workplace, keeping everyone connected on a constant basis. Results are expected much faster than ever before.

2.   Increased Collaboration

Technology has given us a level of communication never seen before. We can literally connect to any one of our employees, leaders and co-workers anytime, anywhere. With this dramatic increase in collaboration comes a heightened level of flexibility in communication, allowing co- workers to facilitate continued partnership no matter where everyone may be. Teamwork is much more engaged, and boosted to a whole new level.

3.   Improved Cost Management

The bottom line of any business is to achieve profitability. With the advent of technology in the workplace comes an encouraged productivity in finance.

Businesses are much more fiscally healthy because of innovative technological equipment and software entering the office scene. As employees are encouraged to optimize their time thanks to such technology, a lot less time is wasted, and a lot more time is used to hone in on the profitable tasks at hand. A productive workplace is a profitable one, which is just one of the important ways that technology has changed our workplace environment for the better.

4.    Heightened Level of Security

The security of company information can be severely compromised without the implementation of proper channels of technology and software. Just as savvy hackers are using technology to try to gain access to a businesses’ sensitive information, so should a company implement innovative technology as a safe- haven against such breaches of security. Technology helps to make sure that information is accessible only to the right people, and makes it nearly impossible for pertinent company information to be leaked.

Keep up with technology and implement tools to help streamline its uses. Compromising your company’s level of profitability, security and productivity is something your business simply cannot afford. With the implementation of technological elements and office management software, such components of your business can be much more adequately protected and streamlined, and can ensure optimal workplace productivity and profitability.

There’s no denying the incredible impact that technology has had on the traditional workplace. It’s up to business leaders to keep up with this ever-evolving trend in the most efficient means possible.

This piece was originally contributed by iOffice.

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