Major Projects And New Construction

An individual project involving a magnitude in scope and cost whereby funding is normally established on an individual basis.

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Bridging the Gap between Closeouts & Facilities

University and college campuses today are in a constant state of renewal as they compete for top students, faculty, and industry partnerships. […]

3 Ways to Tackle Your Project Closeout Challenges

As-builts and closeouts are clogging up 50+ year old buildings. ARC Facilities’ David Trask speaks about Tackling Project Closeout Challenges while viewing […]

A Critical Review of Value Management and Whole-life Costing on Construction Projects

This paper captures the range of conflicting assumptions on the theory and practice of value management (VM) and life cycle cost (LCC). […]

The Struggle with Projects and Work Orders

Solving facility management challenges in public agencies and universities is easier through incremental change. Bring positive change through a robust standardized definition […]

Construction Planning Process

This webinar offers a detailed presentation of all stages in the construction planning process, with a focus on banking institutions and credit […]

Communication is Key: Can you Hear Me Now?

In our FM business, ineffective communication often causes us to not receive critical needed funding and in some circumstances, even lose our […]