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The Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy

Reasons and benefits of using solar energy to meet organizational sustainability goals and have a lasting, positive impact on the environments.


Comfort, or being comfortable, is defined as a sense of physical or psychological ease. Comfort is highly subjective.1 In other words, comfort […]

Acoustics Performance White paper

Today, many companies have moved to an open-office design intended to increase teamwork, communication, and productivity. However, studies show that interactive, collaborative […]

The Journey to Net Positive

Mohawk Group’s quest toward a positive future begins with a strategic and holistic approach to every initiative the flooring manufacturer undertakes. With […]

LVT vs. Concrete White Paper

An Analysis on Bacterial Growth on Vinyl and Polished Concrete.

Creating Better Indoor Air Quality White Paper

In the indoor environment, indoor air quality (IAQ) affects occupants and their ability to perform; and creates positive or negative impressions of […]