Execution And Delivery

The act of carrying out a project, controlling it and producing the deliverables to meet the project’s scope and objectives as stated in the project management plan.

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A New Era in Commercial Buildings Efficiency and Service

Facility management has evolved over time to satisfy the changing requirements of corporate occupiers. There is a continuing need to improve efficiency […]

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Wondering how you improve customer experience in your field service organization? Here are five ways proactive field service communication can help you […]

Smart building mobile apps boost employee engagement, productivity and safety

The importance of re-engaging employees and how smart building technology can help.

The Heart of Every Contract: Developing Facilities Scopes of Work

Whenever you draw up a contract with your customer or vendor, regardless of the industry you work in, the Scope of Work […]

Nothing is Permanent but Change

Healthcare, and the field of oncology in particular, is undergoing rapid transformation due to a variety of factors. Effectively responding to these […]

Improving O&M with Lean Quality

Facility management involves oversight of an incredible range of support and service functions. Management of these functions is expected to deliver high […]

Who Moved the Patient? Remapping the Outpatient Cancer Experience

The UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center, constructed in 2009, is a five story, 206,000 GSF, outpatient clinic, occupied in 2010. We embarked on […]