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What is a healthy building?

This blog defines what a healthy building is, the important components that make up a healthy building and why facility managers are […]

Managing Indoor Environmental Quality Throughout the Seasons

As the seasons change, what happens outside has an impact on what happens inside. When it comes to thermal comfort, lighting, and […]

The Impact of Policies, Regulations, and Incentives on Decarbonization

Energy plans play a critical role in helping organizations achieve sustainability goals, offset rising energy costs, and optimize a comfortable environment for […]

Demystifying Decarbonization: A Building Owner and Business Executive Quick Guide

Organizations face challenges to create more efficient operations and achieve sustainability goals. But it doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here are […]

Inside the World of Sports Facility Management: Behind-the-Scenes Insights into Delivering Memorable Fan Experiences

Sports facility management involves ensuring seamless fan experiences by maintaining stadium infrastructure, overseeing safety measures, and providing amenities like themed restaurants and […]

Whole Building Integration Is Easing the Demands of Workplace Evolution

The concept of whole building design, or whole building integration, has rapidly grown over the past few years. Along with its philanthropic […]

4 ways power digitalization gets your building closer to net-zero

The earth’s hottest summer in recorded history and our oceans’ highest documented surface temperatures are stark reminders of global warming’s devastating effects […]

Maximizing Uptime: The Power of Preventive Maintenance and Technology Integration in Facility Management

Preventive maintenance involves systematic and scheduled activities to keep equipment in good working condition and prevent unexpected breakdowns, thereby extending operational lifespan […]

Seven Ways to Accelerate Your Decarbonization Journey

It isn’t your imagination, decarbonization really is what every building manager is talking about these days, and for good reason.

How to Maintain Constantly Evolving Smart Buildings

Modern building systems must support devices from yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Here are some best practices for how to make that all […]