Risk Management

The responsibility for emergency preparedness, facility resilience and business continuity is central to the role of facility managers, who have the primary concern for the health and safety of the built environment and who serve as stewards of the built environment.

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EP042: Mastering Cyber Safety: Insights into the Psychology of Cybercrime and Proactive Prevention Strategies

Ted Ritter is joined by Stacey Shepard, the president of Shepard Global Strategies and advisory board member for building cybersecurity, as well […]

Be Prepared for Leaks and Flooding

FMs must often act as first responders when flooding occurs from plumbing issues, roof leaks, overflows, construction flaws and storms. Solving the […]

Managing Water Damage Emergencies In-house

Everyday leaks and flooding can cause serious problems including building downtime, expensive repairs, and health risks from mold and mildew. By being […]

Adapting to Climate Change for Facility Management Professionals

IFMA introduced Adapting to Climate Change for Facility Management Professionals in 2020 to provide specific tools and references for dealing with climate […]

Customer Story: Innovative MLK Jr. Community Hospital Embraces Technology for Greater Efficiency

In this customer story, we see how the facilities team at a busy hospital in South Los Angeles is using technology to […]

Navigating Emergency Scenarios: Tips for Facilities Teams to Stay Proactive

In this blog post, we dive into navigating emergency scenarios in the facilities world. With their up-close-and-personal knowledge of facilities, relationships with […]

AEDs in the Workplace: A Buyers Guide

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can happen to anyone, anytime – including during a normal day at work. In fact, about 10,000 sudden […]

Drying Guide for Simple Water Damage

Overflowing sinks, plumbing leaks, pipe freeze-ups, and other small water intrusions can often be resolved by in-house facilities staff using equipment stored […]

Guide for Managing Excess Moisture and Humidity

Professional dehumidifiers can be temporarily installed to tackle mild or moderate humidity issues – from hot weather when the HVAC system is […]

How to Clean Up After a Natural Disaster

If your business or office was impacted by a natural disaster, you’re probably trying to figure out how and where to start […]