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The Power of Leverage in Real Estate and Workplace Strategy

Too much leverage is lost in organizations due to a lack of a comprehensive real estate and workplace strategy. Corporate relocation and […]

Transforming the Workplace at SCAN Health

This white paper describes a major redesign of a standard corporate office environment at SCAN Health Plan. The focus of the redesign […]

Workplace Mobility and C-suite Changes: A Survivor's Guide for FMs

As facility managers, how can we ensure that the mobility programs we develop survive a C-suite change? After all, most incoming CEOs […]

Place Matters: The Changing Urban Landscape for Real Estate and Location Decisions

In this article, the authors address three questions: Where are workplaces today (and will there be a change in location decisions); what […]

5 Ways Remote Working is Impacting Business Resilience

More companies are implementing telecommuting programs as a business resiliency strategy. During a disruption such as a power outage or flood, telecommuting […]

Workplace Mobility: Are You Ready to Launch a Successful Program for Your Company?

When a new CEO enters a company, employees are often apprehensive and concerned about the future of their work-at-home programs. Will it […]

Workplace Strategy: Elevating FM in the C-suite and Impacting the Bottom Line

Elevating facility management up to the board room can be challenging. One FM team at a Medicare insurance company in California not […]

Tips on Enhancing Employee Productivity in the Workplace: What FMs Can Do to Contribute to Employee Productivity

Paying attention to employee satisfaction and comfort shows your employees that you care. Happy employees lead to better business results. Using Dr. […]

CEOs and CFOs Describe the Impact of Workplace Strategy on Business Results

More and more CEOs are realizing the impact of workplace strategy on business success, and this trend is expected to continue. The […]

Stories of Urban Transformation: The Rise of 18-Hour Work/Live Communities

As part of the “Sodexo 2016 Workplace Trends Report,” this piece focuses on stories that demonstrate early signs of the type of […]