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AI and the Human Experience

New technologies and innovations are emerging rapidly and will forever impact the way we work, how we manage space and the human […]

Workplace Evolutionaries: Ideation Workshop/ Futurecast

Presentation from a workshop framing the issues that impact the workplace, identifying the challenges to workplace effectiveness, and discusses potential workplace solutions.

The New Inclusivity: Neurodiversity in the Workplace

At a time when many organizations report struggling to find and retain highly-skilled talent, people on the job are stressed out and […]

How Academic Trends are Reshaping the Workplace

This presentation analyzes trends in academia that will influence the future workplace, thus affecting talent attraction drivers and influencing best practices for […]

Preparedness: Are You Ready for the Next Disaster?

Supporting proactive disaster planning, this guide provides disaster scenario statistics, explanation of evacuation versus invacuation, and a listing of tools for crime […]

The BIG Shift

Artificial intelligence will continue to radically transform the workforce. Today, many organizations are introducing chatbots to improve the employee experience or to […]

Gobility: Designing and Managing Space on the Go

A brief overview of teleworking statistics, benefits, and challenges, plus the case for mobility as a work solution.