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Winter Preparation Guide for Facility Managers

A comprehensive guide for facility managers to effectively prepare for the winter season, with a focus on emergency planning, weather monitoring, and […]

Workplace Strategies: Innovation at the Edge

Learn how workplace strategy and design innovators are aligning design, technology, culture, workforce demographics and work processes to reinforce each other and […]

Workplace Index Q1 2023

The world of work has undergone huge social change. Within the workplace, however, few organizations are able to see the true impact […]

Older Buildings, Younger Occupants

Attracting and retaining millennials with a facility upgrade

The Future of Office Space Security

Technology is transforming how we socialize, work and play. Office space security is riding that wave for a smarter, safer, more connected […]

AI and the Human Experience

New technologies and innovations are emerging rapidly and will forever impact the way we work, how we manage space and the human […]

Generation Z and Millennials In the Workplace: A Firsthand Perspective

This presentation consists of Millennial and Generation Z representatives on the upcoming talent gap, and engagement of YP in the FM profession, […]

IFMA Advocacy Day 2020 Presentation

IFMA Advocacy Day 2020 slide deck that covers the state of IFMA Government Affairs and presentations by elected officials on how they […]

IoT and Your Elevator

Have you ever wondered how elevator technology, specifically IoT, could simplify your work and life? For more than 30 years, elevator companies […]

Leveraging Elevator IoT to Unlock Your Building's Potential

Beyond predictive maintenance capabilities, IoT will provide building owners and property manager’s access to data such as wait times, usage by floor […]