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Service Management 3.0: The Future Direction for FM

Learn about the essence of service and improve service management by shifting away from commodity thinking and putting the quality of the […]

Service Management 3.0: The Next Generation of Service

If all companies effectively compete on service, the key differentiator then lies in the service management model and the ability to execute […]

Linking Customer Experience with Service Employee Engagement

In this white paper, ISS performed a series of regression analyses for their data, and subsequent research has revealed important new knowledge […]

Service Management 2.0: The Next Generation of Service

Leadership and culture play a greater role in effective service organizations today than ever before. Value-based leadership is an effective way to […]

How 'New Ways of Working' Affect Our Use of Facilities

How we work has changed dramatically over the last 50 years. This has impacted our use of facilities, as they support how […]

Successful Transition in Outsourcing

This white paper shows how job transition impacts productivity, job satisfaction and customer satisfaction, and how a robust transition management plan can […]

Working with Change Management in Service Outsourcing

Service outsourcing creates many changes. For the employees who will be outsourced, the changes are significant. But also for the rest of […]

Indirect Cost Savings When Outsourcing

Cost reduction remains the most important reason behind outsourcing decisions. While indirect cost savings are rarely identified and realized as part of […]

HR Issues to be Considered When Outsourcing Services

Although HR issues are crucial determinants of the success of service outsourcing processes, they are too often paid inadequate attention. The area […]

Multiskilling and Job Satisfaction in Outsourcing

Companies who provide facilities management through an integrated solution have to commit to multiskilling of their staff in order to be effective. […]