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How 'New Ways of Working' Affect Our Use of Facilities

How we work has changed dramatically over the last 50 years. This has impacted our use of facilities, as they support how […]

Diversity in Outsourcing

The global workforce is currently undergoing significant and rapid demographic changes. This is especially true in western countries but is becoming increasingly […]

Diversity Management: A Diverse Leadership Yields Higher Earnings

Diversity is not an end in itself but a means to something greater — to improve competitiveness and the bottom line. In […]

The Value of Strategic HR Processes in Service Management

Service Management is about continuously creating value in the eyes of the customers. This perception of value and quality of service is […]

Successful Transition in Outsourcing

This white paper shows how job transition impacts productivity, job satisfaction and customer satisfaction, and how a robust transition management plan can […]

Service Management 3.0: The Next Generation of Service

If all companies effectively compete on service, the key differentiator then lies in the service management model and the ability to execute […]

Linking Customer Experience with Service Employee Engagement

In this white paper, ISS performed a series of regression analyses for their data, and subsequent research has revealed important new knowledge […]

Service Management 2.0: The Next Generation of Service

Leadership and culture play a greater role in effective service organizations today than ever before. Value-based leadership is an effective way to […]

Effective Training of Front-Line Service Employees

Service quality is the primary driver behind customer satisfaction. Because training is the single most important driver behind higher service quality, it […]

Service Innovation in the FM Industry

Innovation is one of the top challenges for the facility management industry. Despite having improved over the past 10 years, FM companies […]