In order to safely return to offices and campuses, management needs to embrace technologies that integrate with existing architecture and furniture, facilitating an environment that builds protected spaces, reduces face-to-face interaction where possible, employs a minimal shared-touch environment for all staff, and creates a positive, informative atmosphere.

For remote teams, deploying technology that is accessible through cloud-based platforms enables devices that can be monitored, managed, configured, and updated remotely, retaining the best possible workflow productivity.

In this solution guide, you will learn and have access to: The 4 steps for organizations to safely reopen workplace: 1) Facility Safety Policies, 2) Bi-Modal Working, 3) Creating a Touchless Experience, and 4) Internal Communication System.

Look for the “Click to view the installation guide of this solution” in the integration diagrams to gain in-depth knowledge on how to deploy the solutions.



Facility Fusion an IFMA Conference & Expo
Facility Fusion an IFMA Conference & Expo