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EP035: The Dynamics of Soft and Hard Services in Facilities Management

Today we are joined by Mauro Ortelli the Managing Director at 14forty, Jacqueline van Beek the Managing Director at Compass Group Netherlands, […]

It looks like COVID-19 is back, but protection is in your hands

Hospitalizations are up, schools have experienced shut downs just a few weeks into the academic term, and health experts are warning things […]

Part 7: Make Buildings Safer During and After COVID 19

This video addresses making buildings safer during and after COVID and covers the ASHRAE’s position document. The position document on infectious aerosols […]

Case Study: LeRoy Community Unity School District 2

For students across the country, pre-pandemic educational gaps in access, opportunities, achievement, and outcomes felt irreparably widened by the emergence of COVID-19. […]

The Facility Manager's Guide to Operating During COVID-19

This eBook contains workflows that will help any mail center or facility operate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Otis Airflow Study Results

This paper, by OTIS, goes over the highlights of an airflow study conducted to determine the relative risk of exposure to COVID-19 […]

Keeping Schools Open: A Moderated Discussion about Minimizing Learning Loss Amid Omicron

The challenging issue of keeping schools open has forced the public education system to confront the social and educational consequences associated with […]

How ESSER Funding Can Help Future-Proof Your School

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the U.S. government has provided Elementary & Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds to support schools in […]

How COVID is evolving Facility Management needs

Unique experience of Covid pandemic has brought in needs for reassessing conventional strategic and operations program. Nature of health risk posed by […]