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EP038: Data - The New Currency

Dean Stanberry, IFMA’s current Chair on the Global Board of Directors, sits down with Lisa Stanley, CEO of OSCRE International, and Matt […]

Driving Distractions Policy

Outline of driver distractions for identification of hazards in the workplace and application of appropriate controls to reduce risk. Distractors, including electronic […]

Protecting Your Building: Blast Mitigation for Existing Facilities

A webinar provided by IFMA’s Museum/Cultural Institutions Council delivering advice from the Smithsonian Institution for FMs to implement terrorism-related risk assessment, planning […]

Ep. 32: (Part 2) ADA Compliance for FMs | Brad Gaskins - McIntosh Group

"ADA Geek" Brad Gaskins is an expert when it comes to The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and on this episode of […]

Valuing Freedom Over High Levels of Access Control

Addressing the vulnerability of soft targets and the elements of static/inherent risk, this piece explores the question, “How do we best protect […]

Near Miss Report Form

A template for a near miss report form to document facility-related issues and incidents that have a direct impact on business/employees.

Performance-based FM: An Integrated Approach

This research presents an integrated FM model for health care facilities through case study. The proposed Integrated Health Care Facility Management Model […]

Hospitality Technical Reference General Liability

Liability scenarios listed by accident type, with guidelines to help hospitality management evaluate existing loss prevention practices and procedures, to aid development […]

Business Continuity Planning

Key elements, processes, and purposes of business continuity and emergency planning are defined along with typical scenarios that can be used in […]

Approach to Managing Asset Risk in a Manufacturing Facility

Whether creating a multi-year facility plan or determining facility conditions to be assessed, this piece offers a tiered approach to setting a […]