A simple guide for compliance, savings and decarbonization in small and midsize buildings.

The simple guide for compliance, savings and decarbonization in small and midsize buildings

The importance of energy efficiency

How to start your decarbonization journey

Introducing EcoStruxureTM Energy Hub

The importance of energy efficiency

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Why is decarbonization and energy efficiency critical in small and midsized buildings?

Net-zero carbon targets

At COP 28, 52 signatories of the Oil and Gas Decarbonization Charter commit to net-zero operations by 2050.*

Energy costs and inflation

Up to 30% of energy consumption in commercial buildings is wasted. With energy costs on the rise, adopting economical digital solutions is the best way to reduce waste and save money.


Energy codes and regulations may apply to new buildings over 25,000 sq. ft and buildings that are up for sale or lease.

Today, 30 million small and midsize buildings, along with 650K large buildings will still be in use in 2050. Many of these existing buildings are energy inefficient and carbon intensive, which makes retrofitting one of the biggest opportunities to decarbonize.**

4 key challenges building owners face in deploying decarbonization programs

Budget restrictions

The latest research shows the average financial commitment to sustainability and decarbonization initiatives was just under 2% of annual revenue. Delivering sustainability initiatives can require significant financial investment. The willingness to leverage capital for change is what distinguishes leaders from followers.

Lack of internal capability or capacity

Sustainability programs and initiatives require expertise and resources to design, deliver and manage. ‘Workforce skills’ and ‘partners’ were both listed as key challenges by decision makers, highlighting the importance of having the right people involved.

Minimal visibility

Once organizations commit to sustainability, the management of data becomes a key consideration. This was demonstrated by 11% of decision makers considering ‘reporting metrics, transparency and data collection’ a key challenge.

Unsure of where to start

When asked about the greatest challenge to implementing sustainability in the medium term, decision makers highlighted concerns around stakeholder alignment, budget, technology, skills and regulations. Even those organizations with a strong appetite for and financial commitment to decarbonization face challenges to implementing their sustainability plans.

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As Head of Facilities, you hold they key...

With critical knowledge of each building’s unique interworking, facility managers have the opportunity to be the leader; to guide stakeholders, clients, and tenants along the net-zero journey.

At Schneider Electric, we have a simple 3 step approach that can help you do this:


1 STARTING POINT Create Decarbonizaiton roadmap Small-medium enterprises can get their own straighforward, achievable decarbonization goals and follow customized action plans to reduce emissions, all with intuitive software
2 Measure and monitor energy and carbon Easy to deploy, easy to use and easy to achieve results - Simplify the management of electrical and energy systems without high upfront investment
3 Reduce energy and carbon through automation Be Efficient - Low cost solution to deliver occupant comfort and energy savings with ’simple’ controls of HVAC and lighting
4 Electrify transportation Efficient operations enabled by a reliable, sustainable and smart charger that is easy to install through a robust installer network
5 Install onsite renewables Simplify the cleantech buying process and find trusted experts who are dedicated to advancing reliable and cost effective renewable energy and cleantech solutions
6 Limit embodied carbon Reduce your energy and carbon footprint and optimize the total cost of ownership of your assets while protecting people from chemical substance risks

Where to start?

Start simple. Start with digital.

You can’t manage what you can’t see. It’s the same with energy management.

Measuring and monitoring energy consumption and carbon emissions is fundamental to any energy efficiency plan.

EcoStruxureTM Energy Hub building energy management software does just that.

Simple, cost-effective and vendor-neutral, it is purpose-built for small and midsize commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings.

Introducing EcoStruxureTM Energy Hub

Experience effortless building energy management with EcoStruxureTM Energy Hub

1 Comply with building energy codes

Energy Hub supports common building energy code requirements like ASHRAE, IECC, Title 24, etc..

2 Achieve up to 30% energy savings*

Energy Hub analyzes energy usage, by load type, by building, floor, zone, and by time period. You can identify waste and take action.

Create energy accountability, making sustainability a building-wide responsibility.

Ensure business continuity

Improve reliability and availability of building energy with visibility and control through a modern, web and mobile-based application.

4 Reach your sustainabilty goals

Increase building value, differentiate your brand in the market as you make progress towards sustainability goals.

A simple self-service software for energy management in small and midsize buildings


  • Cloud-based architecture with no server or on-premise software to install or maintain
  • Attractive software subscription including automatic patches and new features on a regular basis
  • Typical payback in less than 2 years


  • Get started in hours, not days or weeks
  • No engineer degree required
  • Simple to connect meters, sensors, smart breakers to our secure cloud-enabled gateway


  • Secure from device to cloud with gateways compliant with IEC62443, software development according to Secure Development Lifecycle, and trusted cloud hosting with a commitment to data privacy
  • Typical payback is based on conservative estimates of potential savings in a commercial industrial building compared to the typical upfront and annual costs of an IoT cloud-hosted building energy management system over a 3 year time period.

Part of a holistic energy management system

Connect meters, sensors, smart breakers – all via our secure cloud-enabled gateway in minutes. Monitor a single building or a portfolio of buildings.

EcoStruxure Energy Hub

Energy hub stores and visualizes your energy data and provides actionable insights to reduce waste and drive sustainability

Smart products

Meters, sensors, intelligent breakers provide the raw data for Energy Hub to visualize and interpret

Key features:

  • Device discovery and contextualization
  • Cloud connection in a couple of clicks
  • Drag and drop configuration

EcoStruxure Panel Server

Cloud gateways installed on-site collects data from field devices such as meters and securely pushes the data to the hosted platform

A critical component of our Small and Midsize Buildings portfolio

Achieve your business and sustainability goals with energy management software uniquely designed for buildings. Simply connect your energy systems and gain insights to conserve energy, reduce costs, and increase resilience.

EcoStruxure Panel Server IoT gateway to connect an entire network of smart devices to EcoStruxure Energy Hub.
EcoStruxure Site Server IoT gateway to connect an entire network of smart devices to EcoStruxure Energy Hub. MasterPact Circuit Breakers Smart air circuit breakers with embedded Class 1 metering.
Advanced PowerLogic Metering Comprehensive power quality monitoring with high measurement accuracy. Basic PowerLogic Metering Power monitoring for energy efficiency and power reliability applications.

The time to act is now

Move past the pain points of today to the possibilities of tomorrow.

Digitization is an enabler, for energy efficiency, decarbonization and optimization of your buildings.

By leveraging simple to deploy digital tools, you can gain insights that allow you to take action against high energy costs, power outages and energy inefficiency.

The best news? It doesn’t have to be costly or difficult.

See for yourself

Case Study: Grand Monarque

“With the help of EcoStruxure Energy Hub, we have been able to standardize our consumption, effectively reducing previously unnoticed energy wastage.

With estimated energy savings of 15%, we hope to have a return on investment in just 6 months. The enhanced visibility and insightful analysis provided by Energy Hub have enabled us to set our sights even higher, striving for a 40% reduction in our energy expenses.

We are really pleased with this solution, this is how we see sustainable development at Grand Monarque!” - Bertrand Jallerat, Grand Monarque

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