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The Future of Sustainable Facility Management: Key Trends to Watch

Commercial building management has come a long way in recent years. It has become a key driver of sustainability in businesses worldwide. […]

Let's Go Compost and Hit your ESG Goals | The Clean Slate

How composting helps the environment, how to get started in your personal and professional life, plus how you can use composting to […]

7 Facility Management Strategies to Practice ESG

One of the most pressing challenges for building managers and commercial cleaners today is reducing their environmental impact while maintaining efficient operations. […]

Designing a Tenant Experience that Aligns to Values and Priorities

Property owners and their managers are taking steps to enhance tenant experience, from offering amenities like fitness centers and dog parks to […]

Sustainability and Controlling Waste | The Clean Slate

How we can help people pay attention to the changing environment and, most importantly, change their behavior? The little changes we can […]

Undeck the Halls: What to Do With Your Facility's Holiday Decorations

The holidays are almost gone, and it’s time to make way for a new year by cleaning up the holiday mess. From […]

Circular Economy of Gridd Research Paper

The Circular Economy is a take-make-use-reuse model, focusing on ensuring there is no “end of life” for any product. Circularity is most […]

How Can Small Businesses Be Eco-Friendly with Waste?

When it comes to creating small business sustainability goals, you may think you have to go big or go home. But bigger […]

EP023: Achieve Net-Zero in 3 Steps: Strategies for Facility Professionals PART 1

In part one of this week’s show, Laurie Gilmer, President and COO at Facility Engineering Associates, as well as the immediate past […]

EP024: Achieve Net-Zero in 3 Steps: Strategies for Facility Professionals Part 2

Welcome back to part two of this week show. And the previous episode, we had insightful discussions with Laurie Gilmer, President and […]