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According to the International Energy Agency’s Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario, the building sector’s energy intensity must drop ~5X more quickly over the next 10 years3 .

New government regulations on building energy usage require monitoring and reporting. Click to see some of the examples of such regulations. USA France Australia and UK

Employees, guests, tenants, and investors expect organizations to commit to sustainability. Building and facility managers can promote effective energy strategies that attract top talent.

Play video Time and budget are the greatest challenges in any energy and sustainability strategy. Data-driven analytics and insights help identify and prioritize tasks to deliver the best ROI and reinvest savings in larger energy efficiency projects. Continuous monitoring, analysis, and action are key to improving energy savings and energy waste. Over time, buildings can achieve up to 15-30% energy savings, with typically less than 2 years payback. What can be done about it? There are many ways to achieve sustainability and energy savings, including CAPEX projects or OPEX initiatives. Prioritization, planning, execution, and verification of results are key to optimizing payback and ROI. OPEX initiatives CAPEX projects Where to start Keep improving Le Grand Monarque Hotel was looking to tackle rising energy costs by gaining insights on where and how to achieve energy conservation and savings. See how they saved 15% on energy within 6 months. Digitized energy systems make it easy to measure energy data,understand patterns and anomalies, and reduce waste. Click for more information Potential savings over time Time Energy savings Savings potential with data-driven, continuous improvement actions Potential for energy savings degrades over time due to inaction Initial savings With continuous improvement No continuous improvement Initial savings achieved by fixing the basic sources of energy waste

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