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Facility managers are expected to manage/oversee real estate as a physical asset designed to support the people who use them. 

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Facility Master Planning, FCAs & the Importance of Accurate Asset Inventory

Many organizations say their asset inventory is off by as much as 20%-40%? It’s no wonder – considering building changes happen constantly. […]

Bridging the Gap between Closeouts & Facilities

University and college campuses today are in a constant state of renewal as they compete for top students, faculty, and industry partnerships. […]

3 Ways to Tackle Your Project Closeout Challenges

As-builts and closeouts are clogging up 50+ year old buildings. ARC Facilities’ David Trask speaks about Tackling Project Closeout Challenges while viewing […]

Asset Tagging and Field Verification Becomes Easy with Smart Building Technology

As facilities age-organizing, streamlining, and updating information related to building assets can be a herculean task for facilities managers. This requires considerable […]

The Facilities Managers Guide to Exceptional Asset Management

Assets wear out. Your investment in buildings, machinery, equipment, plumbing, electrical, data, security, etc. is substantial. The longer you keep assets running […]

Respecting Human Limits: Densification Research and Design

We are often asked to make office space as efficient as possible. Our clients want to know “What can we do in […]

A Critical Review of Value Management and Whole-life Costing on Construction Projects

This paper captures the range of conflicting assumptions on the theory and practice of value management (VM) and life cycle cost (LCC). […]

RICS Sustainability Report 2021

4000 contributors were asked to share their thoughts on how the climate agenda is shaping trends and practices in the real estate […]

Your Space or Mine: New Findings from IFMA's Space and Project Management Study

Results from IFMA’s 2010 Space and Project Management Benchmarks Research Report. An entry point for FMs pursuing industry data in space comparisons, […]

The Struggle with Projects and Work Orders

Solving facility management challenges in public agencies and universities is easier through incremental change. Bring positive change through a robust standardized definition […]