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Digital Twins and the Future of Facility Technology | The Clean Slate

AI and Technology has recently been elevated by lofty national headlines. However, the shift in technology hasn’t been an overnight change. Facility […]

Building an Engaged Community through Action | The Clean Slate

Facility managers have the opportunity to bring people together in beneficial ways. Listen as we chat with IFMA Global Board Member Aykean […]

Adaptive Cleaning and Embracing Hybrid Workplaces | The Clean Slate

Taylor Moody from Lysol joins OpenWorks to discuss the impact of the work-from-home movement on commercial buildings and the cleaning industry. We […]

Let's Go Compost and Hit your ESG Goals | The Clean Slate

How composting helps the environment, how to get started in your personal and professional life, plus how you can use composting to […]

All Roads Lead to Facility Management | The Clean Slate

IFMA Global Chair Dean Stanberry chats with us about the many options that facilities management offers. He also talks about IFMA and […]

Sustainability and Controlling Waste | The Clean Slate

How we can help people pay attention to the changing environment and, most importantly, change their behavior? The little changes we can […]