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Fraud: How to Detect and Prevent Financial Fraudulent Financial Practices in Your Organization

Learn how to identify and prevent fraudulent financial activity in your organization through reviewing this internal fraudulence case study and resulting advice […]

The Challenges of Replacing Major Equipment in an Occupied High-Rise Building

A case study that discusses some of the challenges and constraints during design, procurement and replacement of major building equipment in a […]

Bed Bug Response Plan

A plan for procedural response to concern of bed bug infestation in the workplace, including protocol steps for communication, inspection, extermination and […]

Strategic Advisor: Intelligent Benchmarking Process

A 10 step benchmarking process outlining how benchmarking practices can be used to target problem areas, identify solutions and implement changes for […]

Pest Management Regulations

Administrative regulations and guiding principles for development and implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices in Fremont, CA.

Find Hidden Resources to Tackle Millions of Dollars in Renewal

Review the process by which Brown University in 2011, adapted the lean manufacturing approach for FM to develop a preventive maintenance strategy. […]