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Using CO2 Sensors for Indoor Air Quality and Energy Savings

Carbon dioxide has been utilized as a metric for indoor air quality and as an energy-saving strategy through demand control ventilation (DCV). […]

Ventilation for Health and ASHRAE Standard 241-2023

Listen to this presentation on ASHRAE Standard 241-2023, discussing ventilation for healthy buildings. We will explore the historical context of why we […]

CO2 and IAQ: What's it all about?

This recorded webinar discusses the relationship between carbon dioxide levels and air quality, and exposes the risks and uncertainties of relying on […]

Make Buildings Healthy

A New Approach to Healthy Buildings! ASHRAE Standard 241 was released. The guide to creating infection-resilient buildings! Learn how this standard empowers […]

Part 7: Make Buildings Safer During and After COVID 19

This video addresses making buildings safer during and after COVID and covers the ASHRAE’s position document. The position document on infectious aerosols […]

Insulation Energy Savings: Key Issues and Performance Factors

As codes tighten and energy costs skyrocket, there is significant and renewed interest in energy performance of buildings.

Air Handling Unit Refurbishment for Compliance with NFPA and ASHRAE

1) Overview of NFPA 90A and its incorporation with NFPA 101: Life Safety Code 2) Distinction between Class A fire-rated materials and […]