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Using CO2 Sensors for Indoor Air Quality and Energy Savings

Carbon dioxide has been utilized as a metric for indoor air quality and as an energy-saving strategy through demand control ventilation (DCV). […]

Ventilation for Health and ASHRAE Standard 241-2023

Listen to this presentation on ASHRAE Standard 241-2023, discussing ventilation for healthy buildings. We will explore the historical context of why we […]

Exploring Integration Opportunities with Airflow Measurement Stations

Thermal dispersion airflow measurement stations with BACnet communication protocols address the industry’s need for data integration and operational transparency. Advanced BAS systems […]

Make Buildings Healthy

A New Approach to Healthy Buildings! ASHRAE Standard 241 was released. The guide to creating infection-resilient buildings! Learn how this standard empowers […]

Wildfires have Increased Advocacy for Better Indoor Air Quality and Building Codes

Many individuals seek guidance on indoor air quality after the recent wildfires. A plan to ensure proper ventilation and indoor air quality […]

The Importance of Controlled Ventilation in Schools

Proper outdoor air ventilation in schools is crucial for occupant health and well-being. Ventilation rates can vary due to factors like the […]

Ventilation Control for COVID-19 & Beyond

Providing a healthy indoor environment requires an understanding of outdoor air ventilation. The pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), brought about by […]