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Decarbonization of the Building Stock and its Operation: The Role of Facility Managers

Decarbonizing building stock and building operations has emerged as a pivotal arena for change. Facility managers (FMs) stand at the forefront of […]

Inside the Workplace Report

FM:Systems surveyed 549 U.S. business leaders in HR, finance, facilities and real estate to better understand how they are keeping up with […]

Raise the bar — Tips to Stay Ahead of Facility Maintenance and Capital Renewal

Infographic depicting four tips to stay ahead of facilities maintenance and capital renewal.

Multi-Data Point Analysis e-book

This e-book dives into how multi-source workplace data can give fresh insights into understanding office floor plans and how teams work together. […]

Digital Services: A guide to making data-driven decisions for your facilities

A guide to how connected experts help you make data-driven decisions for your facilities to run continuously, efficiently and sustainably.

Sutter Health | Case Study

Learn how Sutter Health uses FM:Systems workplace sensors and analytics to aggregate utilization data, produce cost savings among its premium northern California […]

Capitalizing on Change: The Cost-Savings Benefit and ROI Potential in the Digital Workplace

The key to major cost savings is having visibility into your actual space utilization. Download our latest guide that dives into how […]