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5 Things to Know About Elevator Maintenance

Elevators are one of the most essential components of any building with more than one floor. If you want to check on […]

IoT and Your Elevator

Have you ever wondered how elevator technology, specifically IoT, could simplify your work and life? For more than 30 years, elevator companies […]

Air Purification in Elevators Today

A technical brief on elevator cab air purification strategies and their impact on passenger health and wellness

Otis Airflow Study Results

This paper, by OTIS, goes over the highlights of an airflow study conducted to determine the relative risk of exposure to COVID-19 […]

Leveraging IoT to Improve Building Operations and Passenger Perceptions

This panel discussion white paper talks about how the Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to streamline building operations and improve […]

Airflow and Elevators - Executive Summary

Executive summary of an airflow study conducted to determine the relative risk of exposure to COVID-19 among elevator passengers.

Leveraging Elevator IoT to Unlock Your Building's Potential

Beyond predictive maintenance capabilities, IoT will provide building owners and property manager’s access to data such as wait times, usage by floor […]

Ensuring a Seamless Tenant Experience for Vertical Transportation

During this presentation you will learn about how elevator technology is evolving to improve the tenant experience. Current technologies like elevator dispatching […]

Tips to evaluating an elevator repair proposal

Use these tips to ensure you are getting a fair and honest price and scope for your elevator service repair proposals.