ROI (Return On Investment)

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It's Not Rocket Science: How to Achieve an Immediate ROI for Efficiency Improvement Projects

With 95% of companies requiring an ROI within 7 years or less, it is no wonder why Facility and Operation Managers are […]

Ep. 19: A Roadmap to How FMs Can Deliver ROI through Workplace Experience with Peter Ankerstjerne

Peter Ankerstjerne, MBA, COP, FRICS, IFMA Fellow serves as the 2nd Vice Chair on IFMA’s newly elected board of directors. In July […]

Investment Based Budgeting

Improve finance management and enterprise strategic alignment by instituting a new format for budget submissions and negotiations, termed by the author as […]

Developing the Business Case for Preventative Maintenance: Understand the true ROI of Run to Fail

The Facility Condition Index (FCI) helps FMs understand the overall condition of their assets relative to property value. While FCI has been […]

Ep. 7: Consultative Selling to FMs | Geoff Snavely - Millicare by EBC

Mike Petrusky & Geoff Snavely talk about delivering tangible value to facility managers using the most effective sales, business development and management […]

Capitalizing on Change: The Cost-Savings Benefit and ROI Potential in the Digital Workplace

The key to major cost savings is having visibility into your actual space utilization. Download our latest guide that dives into how […]

Evaluating the Value: IFMA Facility Management Credentials

Entry into the facility management profession is largely undefined and a function of experience, with many professionals seeking to supplement their experience […]

5 Practices that Improve the Business Impact of Research

Understand the value of market researchers and the deliverables that make the most impact on your business. The data that matters to […]

Grabbing the Attention of the CFO: Finance for Dummies

Does your CEO and CFO speak a foreign language? Do you know how to grab their attention so that they will approve […]

Predicting Outcomes of Investments in Maintenance and Repair

A report pairing research findings with the recommended processes and practices necessary for converting the portfolio of federal facilities into one that […]