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Data-driven Insights: Improving Indoor Environment Quality and Sustainability with Room Sensor Technology

Digitalization is driving every aspect of the building industry, including the adoption of room sensing technology. But there are differences in room […]

Ventilation for Health and ASHRAE Standard 241-2023

Listen to this presentation on ASHRAE Standard 241-2023, discussing ventilation for healthy buildings. We will explore the historical context of why we […]

CO2 and IAQ: What's it all about?

This recorded webinar discusses the relationship between carbon dioxide levels and air quality, and exposes the risks and uncertainties of relying on […]

Community College in Florida Continues to Make a Big Impact on Energy Savings & Occupant Health

A Florida community college focuses on the health of its students and staff, and collaborated with a company to install airflow measuring […]

Wildfires have Increased Advocacy for Better Indoor Air Quality and Building Codes

Many individuals seek guidance on indoor air quality after the recent wildfires. A plan to ensure proper ventilation and indoor air quality […]

Part 7: Make Buildings Safer During and After COVID 19

This video addresses making buildings safer during and after COVID and covers the ASHRAE’s position document. The position document on infectious aerosols […]

Part 3: Recognizing the Pitfalls of CO2 Ventilation Control

In this video we will covers CO2 ventilation control and how it is becoming increasingly popular as an energy-saving method while exposing […]

Part 4: How to Improve Demand Control Ventilation

Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) is desirable in high population density and variable occupancy spaces. This video discusses single zone DCV, when DCV […]

Part 1 Dilution Ventilation and IAQ

In this video, David Dougan discusses the steps to achieve acceptable IAQ requires understanding the contaminants of concern and methods to maintain […]

The Importance of Controlled Ventilation in Schools

Proper outdoor air ventilation in schools is crucial for occupant health and well-being. Ventilation rates can vary due to factors like the […]