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Adaptive Cleaning and Embracing Hybrid Workplaces | The Clean Slate

Taylor Moody from Lysol joins OpenWorks to discuss the impact of the work-from-home movement on commercial buildings and the cleaning industry. We […]

All Roads Lead to Facility Management | The Clean Slate

IFMA Global Chair Dean Stanberry chats with us about the many options that facilities management offers. He also talks about IFMA and […]

The Evolution of the Office: Learning from the Present and Reimagining the Future

The recent optimism about the potential of work-from-home (WFH) strategies represents a remarkable shift in corporate attitudes towards remote work. However, emerging […]

Distributed Work Tips and Best Practices

This guide is designed to make distributed work as effective as possible for the worker. It includes tips and best practices for […]

Optimizing Space and Safety for Employees in the COVID-19 Era

After 95% of IBM’s employees shifted from the office to working from home because of the pandemic, the IBM Global Real Estate […]