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Optimizing the Workplace Through Technology

Delve into the role of IT/AV/Security, PropTech, and other technologies in designing efficient workspaces, reducing functional overlap, and enhancing occupant well-being in […]

Office Acoustics: The Future of the Built Environment

This session will focus on how to achieve speech privacy in open and closed offices, and will include interactive listening demonstrations. The […]

Are You Giving Your Workplace Clients Enough Office Space? Revelations and Calculations about Circulation

Are you correctly calculating circulation for today’s modern work environments? If not, you may be experiencing significant challenges to accommodate the space […]

Ergonomics Programs for FMs: Why Ergonomics Needs to be in Facilities

Explore reasons why ergonomics should be attributed to FM, learn how an ergonomics program can strategically position FM in corporate business operations […]

Construction to Maintenance: Leveraging FM Data through the Building Life Cycle

In today’s real estate environment, organizations are tasked with providing premier workplace environments for a variety of reasons. Attraction of new employees, […]

Ep. 12: Workplace Trends – Big Shifts in Design, Technology and Human Factors Impacting Your Organization | Kay Sargent

Kay Sargent, ASID, IIDA, CID, LEED AP, MCR.w is a senior principal and director of HOK’s WorkPlace practice and a co-founder of […]

Ep. 37: Creating Inspiring Workplaces | Jeremy Macdonald - Adobe

Jeremy Macdonald, LEED AP, MCR is on a mission to create amazing and inspiring workspaces so that Adobe employees can reach their […]

Ep. 41: Beyond Coworking

This episode of the Workplace Innovator podcast takes a look at how shared services, spaces and technologies are revolutionizing the workplace. Mike […]

IFMA COE Space Types Tips Protocols

A one page workspace protocol guide for IFMA Center of Excellence (COE) occupants, to support understanding of differing types of workspaces in […]

Ep. 19: Workplace Strategies | Jenya Adler - Staples Business Advantage

Jenya Adler of Staples Business Advantage discusses the importance of aligning workplace strategy with wellness initiatives to create attractive workspaces. Mike Petrusky […]