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EP042: Mastering Cyber Safety: Insights into the Psychology of Cybercrime and Proactive Prevention Strategies

Ted Ritter is joined by Stacey Shepard, the president of Shepard Global Strategies and advisory board member for building cybersecurity, as well […]

Optimizing Building Management with a Lifecycle Approach

With the building industry facing new efficiency and sustainability challenges, this report explores the crucial role facility managers can play in fostering […]

EP018: Digitalization of FM: Exploring the Benefits and Challenges

In this podcast episode, Ted Ritter, the head of the global IT community for IFMA is joined by Erik Jaspers, Product Strategy […]

Optimizing the Workplace Through Technology

Delve into the role of IT/AV/Security, PropTech, and other technologies in designing efficient workspaces, reducing functional overlap, and enhancing occupant well-being in […]

Leveraging Technology to Communicate Effectively within the Changing Dynamics of a Multi Generational Workforce

It used to be that our challenges were in cohesively deploying communication strategies with internal/external clients and staff alike. These strategies included […]

The Future of Smart Buildings and Space Utilization: Understanding and Analyzing How Your Employees are Interacting with Your Space

In this presentation we will explore how emerging sensor based smart building technologies can be coupled with employee facing kiosks and mobile […]

Setting Yourself Up for Success: FM Technology Implementation Case Studies

Explore the value of planning and implementation, understand the pitfalls associated with failed implementations, and explore FM technology trends and how they […]

Best Practices on Cyber Security & Data Privacy

This session will focus on an overview of current trends and provide specifics on how Cyber Security and Data Privacy may be […]

The Facility Manager’s Guide to Information Technology

This panel discussion is based on selected chapters from The Facility Manager’s Guide to Information Technology: An International Collaboration between the IFMA […]

Blockchain for FM and RE: Is This for Real Yet?

At 2018 IFMA’s World Workplace in Charlotte, North Carolina our very own Kevin Janus, Erik Jaspers, Dave Karpool and Ted Ritter presented […]