Materials And Consumable Management

A method for the procurement of facility resources in a sustainable manner.

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How to Perform a Facility Recycling Audit

A look at how recycling can benefit organizations and why FMs should perform a recycling audit to identify efficiencies and reduce contamination.

Sustainability Worst Practices

This guide covers common mistakes facilities make, the consequences that can follow, and corresponding solutions that can lead facility operations’ green programs […]

A Facility Manager's Guide for Net-Zero Buildings

Decarbonizing operations was once revered as “nice to have” but has become a “must do.” As 50% of today’s buildings will still […]

Your FM Sustainability Guide for the Modern Enterprise

Sustainability in every industry is important to help protect our current environment and promote a clean, safe, and energy-efficient environment for future […]

Sustainability How-To Guide: Green Building Rating Systems

This guide presents an unbiased evaluation of 15 prominent green building rating systems. Charts and graphics provide at-a-glance information, while subsections supply […]

50 Greener Shades: The March to Sustainability

Feeling pressure to engage in sustainable practices? Motivated to do something but not sure where to start? Trying to please everyone with […]

Trendsetting California Sustainable Design Legislation: What All FM Leaders Need to Know

Published in 2009, this white paper addresses how California sustainable design legislation could change the way facilities would be designed and operated. […]