With so many options out there, how do you know which is the best option for air filtration to suit a particular project? Legend Brands covers tips for air filtration strategies including filter selection, containment set-ups, and square footage calculations for planning out equipment needed on each project.



Choosing an air scrubber can be confusing with the proliferation of air filtration units, many of which are made overseas. With many so many models to choose from, how do you know which air scrubber is right for your facility?

  • Choose a brand you can trust - For 20 years Dri-Eaz® HEPA air scrubbers have protected people in homes, businesses, schools and hospitals from harmful mold, dust, smoke and other particulates.
  • Make certain there’s proof that the air scrubber delivers 99.99% efficiency – Most manufacturers claim their units remove 99.97% of particulates down to .3 microns, but only independent testing can prove that an air scrubber is truly filtering out harmful particulates - including even finer particulates such as wildfire smoke that measures .25 microns or smaller. The Dri-Eaz HEPA 700 exceeds HEPA, removing 99.99% of .1-.5 micron particles per independent testing.
  • Independent testing confirms that HEPA air scrubbers and their filters are performing at the level required for the most critical environments - hospitals, schools, senior care centers, etc. - and the assurance that they provide high-level filtration for any facility, especially when a containment is needed.
  • Check its ease of containment setup – Facility managers often need to contain construction dust, paint fumes or other potentially harmful particulates, so variable speed is a must, and so is easy attachment of inlet or outlet ducting. Layflat attaches quickly to the HEPA 700 outlet using the built-in duct ring, and 14-in. semi-rigid ducting attaches easily to the inlet or outlet.
  • Make sure filters are specifically designed to optimize the unit’s filtration – Filters play a critical role in the HEPA filtration system. Generic filters can’t ensure maximum filtration performance, so Legend Brands engaged filtration experts to design proprietary filters for the HEPA 700:
  • Prefilters – While easily dismissed as “throwaways” that just keep the primary HEPA filter from loading too fast, not all prefilters are alike. HEPA 700 prefilters were specially engineered to ensure optimal airflow.
  • Primary HEPA Filter – Advances in synthetic media technology have produced the best performing and the most durable HEPA Filters, offering better airflow (less pressure drop) than fiberglass media, plus less chance of damage during transport or installation. That’s why a synthetic primary filter was the clear choice for the HEPA 700.
  • Activated Carbon Filters – Optional on some projects yet often needed to remove smoke, odors and fumes, carbon filters’ performance is all about the density and surface area of the filter’s charcoal pellets. Each HEPA 700 Activated Carbon Filter contains 2.5 pounds of carbon pellets to provide more than 1 million square yards of surface to adsorb noxious odors - that’s twice the effectiveness of many other carbon filters.
  • Know where units are manufactured and who supports them – Buying cheap units made overseas could leave you stranded when you need filters or have problems. We engineer, mold and assemble our air scrubbers in the Legend Brands plant in Burlington, WA, and Dri-Eaz technical experts are readily available by live chat, toll-free phone and email.

Trust your workers’ and occupants’ health to the Dri-Eaz HEPA 700 – from the industry’s 20-year air filtration experts. Order today from your Dri-Eaz distributor.


To calculate the number of airscrubbers needed for a particular job, use this formula:

cubic feet x number of air exchanges per hour (min 4) = _______ ÷ 60 = ______
CFM ÷ rated CFM of airscrubber = number of airscrubbers needed ____________


Filtering requirements PREFILTERS (Positions 1 & 2) HEPA (Position 3)
Air scrubbing and negative/positive containments. For removing dust, mold, allergens, viruses, smoke and other potentially harmful particulates. Passes DOP testing for sensitive environments. n/a 2" Prefilter HEPA filter
Odor control and air filtration. For removing wildfire smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), food odors, fumes from paint and stain, sewer odors, and many other noxious odors. Activated Carbon Filter 1" Prefilter HEPA filter


  • The HEPA 700 primary filter ensures the highest air filtration efficiency, removing 99.97% of particulates down to .3 microns.
  • With the standard Dri-Eaz 2-inch MERV 8 pre-filter and primary HEPA filter media, the HEPA 700 removes dust, viruses, mold and other particulates and passes the stringent DOP ()air filtration tests often required.
  • The optional activated carbon filter with a 1-inch MERV 8 prefilter and HEPA filter will remove odors, fumes and smoke - especially helpful in construction or wildfire-prone areas.



Do not clean filters. Replace all filters when loaded or after use in any area with a risk of cross-contamination. Full filter information available


Attach 14 in. (diameter) layflat ducting t using the provided duct attachment ring. Take care not to bend or otherwise damage the attachment ring when installing the ducting. Do not exceed a maximum ducting length of 25 ft. / 7.6 m.

14-in. semi-rigid ducting fits snugly on the inlet or outlet for containment areas. 25-ft. length.

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