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PFAS in the Built Environment

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are durable, stain-resistant chemicals used in building products. To reduce exposure, practitioners should avoid specifying PFAS-containing products, […]

EP046: Key Strategies for Water Damage Emergencies

Stephanie Skordas from Legend Brands discusses the critical importance of in-house emergency water response capabilities for facility managers. Joined by her colleagues […]

Managing Indoor Environmental Quality Throughout the Seasons

As the seasons change, what happens outside has an impact on what happens inside. When it comes to thermal comfort, lighting, and […]

Avoiding the High Cost of Stormwater Violations

This white paper explores the purpose and types of stormwater regulations and how they are enforced. Details on regulatory requirements and who […]

Inside the World of Sports Facility Management: Behind-the-Scenes Insights into Delivering Memorable Fan Experiences

Sports facility management involves ensuring seamless fan experiences by maintaining stadium infrastructure, overseeing safety measures, and providing amenities like themed restaurants and […]

Maximizing Uptime: The Power of Preventive Maintenance and Technology Integration in Facility Management

Preventive maintenance involves systematic and scheduled activities to keep equipment in good working condition and prevent unexpected breakdowns, thereby extending operational lifespan […]

Maximizing Asset Value: The Significance of Current Replacement Value (CRV) in FCA Development

Across the facility management industry, many building owners will identify the type of asset and apply a dollar amount per square foot […]

Defining Facility Condition Assessment Level Of Detail

When it comes to facilities optimization, information is crucial to making defensible decisions. Facility condition assessments (FCAs) collect and create data to […]

Pump Sizing in a Distributed Pumping System

This paper will provide insight on how to properly size pumps in a distributed network, as well as addressing some of the […]

Data-driven Insights: Improving Indoor Environment Quality and Sustainability with Room Sensor Technology

Digitalization is driving every aspect of the building industry, including the adoption of room sensing technology. But there are differences in room […]