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Whole Building Integration Is Easing the Demands of Workplace Evolution

The concept of whole building design, or whole building integration, has rapidly grown over the past few years. Along with its philanthropic […]

Long Product Life Equals Sustainability and Reuse in High-Quality Builds

FreeAxez interviews interior design veteran Linda Moses about sourcing the best materials for client projects.

The Convergence of Smart And Green Building Cable Management

To say that we’re moving towards a new era in building construction and management may be a cliche, but it’s undeniably true. […]

Access Floors and Agile Workplace Design During COVID-19

An agile working environment helps cultivate an effective business environment. It provides employees the liberty to work in various areas of a […]

Top 6 AV Concerns in Conference Room Setup Solved with Access Flooring

As more people transition to remote work arrangements, companies are converting their extra space into multiple conference rooms wired for virtual communication. […]