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Catering Benchmark of Swiss Hospitals: Continued Research

This paper is a follow-up to the research entitled, “A Method to Benchmark Swiss Hospital Catering” by Hofer, Honegger and Züger (2013). […]

IFM Allocation Model for Support Services in Hospitals as a Basis for FM Driven Financing of Healthcare Real Estate

Based on European standard, BS EN 15221-4: Taxonomy of FM, this research was pursued to create a model for systematically developing FM […]

A Method to Benchmark Cleaning Services in Swiss Hospitals

This paper uses a qualitative research design to develop a benchmark methodology for cleaning services in Swiss hospitals, resulting in 21 clearly […]

A Method to Benchmark Swiss Hospital Catering

Qualitative research addressing how FM costs emerge and are justified in Swiss hospitals, informing the development of a benchmarking method for Swiss […]

Toward a Comprehensive KPI Reference Model for FM in Hospitals

This study assesses KPI specifications for FM in hospitals, providing the basis for controlling and benchmarking steps, development of corresponding adjustments of […]