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Coping with Construction-Related Noise and Vibrations

A university lab construction process is presented as a case study to illustrate important concepts related to construction vibration and noise, demonstrating […]

Life Cycle Value Tradeoff of Noise Mitigating Measures Using BIM-Simulation and Multi-Criteria Decision Modeling

This study hypothesizes that a decision framework can be developed to capture and automate life cycle value evaluation of noise-mitigating measures using […]

Acoustics Performance White paper

Today, many companies have moved to an open-office design intended to increase teamwork, communication, and productivity. However, studies show that interactive, collaborative […]

Office Acoustics: The Future of the Built Environment

This session will focus on how to achieve speech privacy in open and closed offices, and will include interactive listening demonstrations. The […]

Sustainability How-to Guide: Getting Started

This guide details implementation strategy for sustainable FM programs in existing buildings, providing direction to assess the organization, identify initiatives to determine […]