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Navigating Facility Management Year End Roundtable Insights and Strategies

The Year End Reflections Facilities Roundtable, moderated by David Trask from ARC Facilities and hosted by Facility Executive, highlighted discussions on managing […]

Emergency Management: Practical Tools and Resources that Every FM Needs

When the next natural disaster hits, how prepared will your site be? Do you have an emergency operations plan in place and […]

Complexities of Large Property Losses: Catastrophe Survival Guide

The presentation includes three perspectives for managing the complexities of property damage losses from financial tracking and insurance considerations, facility management concerns […]

When the Smoke Clears: How Planning Enabled Business to Continue During the Northern California Wildfires

How ready are you for a big disaster? As a small business, when we undertook the ISO Business Continuity Management Systems certification, […]

See Something, Say Everyone: Crowdsourcing Emergency Communication

Today‚Äôs communication systems are often no better than an elementary school phone tree. Property Managers may reach out to the facilities managers, […]

Weathering Climate Change: Resiliency Strategies for Existing Buildings

In 2017, there was a shift within the facilities management community from sustainability to resiliency. The effort now is to counter the […]

Emergency Response Management: A Plan for Failure

Explains the importance of Emergency Response Management and planning, including the creation of developing an Emergency Preparedness Plan, a Hazard Vunerability Plan […]