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EP023: Achieve Net-Zero in 3 Steps: Strategies for Facility Professionals PART 1

In part one of this week’s show, Laurie Gilmer, President and COO at Facility Engineering Associates, as well as the immediate past […]

EP024: Achieve Net-Zero in 3 Steps: Strategies for Facility Professionals Part 2

Welcome back to part two of this week show. And the previous episode, we had insightful discussions with Laurie Gilmer, President and […]

Ep. 9: Interview with Laurie Gilmer on Sustainability and the SFP

In this episode, Kim Coffey sits down with Laurie Gilmer, Vice President and COO of Facility Engineering Associates, to talk about the […]

How to Create Long Term Sustainable Operations in Your Facility

Foster and maintain long-term sustainability by assessing the facility’s current state of sustainability, creating a plan that considers external drivers, operational and […]

Sustainability How-To Guide: EPA ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

This guide explains energy terminology, how to use Portfolio Manager and generate an ENERGY STAR® score. The resource also helps readers evaluate […]

Water Management in Buildings

Definition of building water use types (domestic water, process water, irrigation) and elements of water management strategy, be it based upon a […]

Sustainability How-to Guide: Measuring and Monitoring

This guide has been designed to assist FMs in understanding how to establish a measuring and monitoring program by discussing investigation and […]

The Art of Telling Your Story 2.0

Understand what is important to your organization and how focus your message. Understand how your organization makes financial decisions and how that […]

When the Smoke Clears: How Planning Enabled Business to Continue During the Northern California Wildfires

How ready are you for a big disaster? As a small business, when we undertook the ISO Business Continuity Management Systems certification, […]

ENERGY STAR and the IFMA Challenge: Saving Energy in Your Facilities

Learn how to use ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to evaluate your facility’s energy consumption, generate an ENERGY STAR rating, track energy savings […]