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Sustainability How-To Guide: Turning Data Centers Green

This guide discusses the major obstacles to improving energy efficiency in data centers, emphasizing the necessity of strong project leadership, executive support, […]

Sustainability How-To Guide: Sustainable Landscaping

This guide reviews the design, construction and maintenance stages of landscaping, explaining how to incorporate sustainability at each phase, decrease maintenance costs […]

Sustainability How-to Guide: A Comprehensive Guide to Waste Stream Management

This guide presents a multifaceted approach to waste reduction┬áthat entails both resource and waste stream management. Life cycle assessment is discussed along […]

Sustainability How-To Guide: EPA ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

This guide explains energy terminology, how to use Portfolio Manager and generate an ENERGY STAR┬« score. The resource also helps readers evaluate […]

Classification and Climate Zone Greenhouse Gas Inventory Benchmarking in Higher Education

Through analysis of archival data, this study establishes useful benchmarks by examining the measurable characteristics of climate zone, size and residential character […]

The Building System Carbon Framework

This paper proposes a new framework which can be used as a common language for carbon emissions, by all actors of the […]

Sustainability How-To Guide: Sustainability in the Food Service Environment

This guide teaches food service managers and facility managers how to introduce sustainable practices. It addresses local purchasing, waste management, energy conservation, […]

Sustainability How-To Guide: Lighting Solutions

This guide gathers knowledge from extensive research and lighting specialists to provide a complete description of sustainable lighting options, including basic lighting […]

Sustainability How-To Guide: A Comprehensive Guide to Water Conservation

This guide provides instructions to help facility managers benchmark, evaluate and reduce water consumption, defining domestic, processed and outdoor water types and […]

Sustainability How-To Guide: Commissioning Existing Buildings

This guide addresses sustainability implementation within existing structures. The commissioning process is described, including how to select a project, issue a request […]