Facility Condition Assessment (FCA)

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Defining Facility Condition Assessment Level Of Detail

When it comes to facilities optimization, information is crucial to making defensible decisions. Facility condition assessments (FCAs) collect and create data to […]

Looking at Historic Buildings from a Facility Management Lens

There are dozens of vital and vibrant universities and hospitals built more than 100 years ago that are still operating today. Historical […]

Maximizing Operational Performance with Facility Condition Assessments

In this blog, the role of precise facility condition assessments and equipment inventory management is discussed. Many organizations, including municipalities, schools, hospitals, […]

Facility Master Planning, FCAs & the Importance of Accurate Asset Inventory

Many organizations say their asset inventory is off by as much as 20%-40%? It’s no wonder – considering building changes happen constantly. […]

Maximizing Operational Performance with FCAs

Many organizations, including municipalities, schools, hospitals, and manufacturers are currently or planning to do a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA). These assessments are […]

Condition Assessment Data Collection Form

Use this Excel form to help you conduct a facility condition assessment (FCA).

Developing the Business Case for Preventative Maintenance: Understand the true ROI of Run to Fail

The Facility Condition Index (FCI) helps FMs understand the overall condition of their assets relative to property value. While FCI has been […]

5 Ways Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) Software Can Change Your World

As the maintenance needs increase with a building’s age, building managers across the globe are surrounded by some difficult questions. No matter […]