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The Human Implications of Generative AI

With new technologies pushing the frontiers of what’s humanly possible, the rules of innovation have radically changed. So how can we stay […]

EP032: Creating Spaces That Are Right for People

Today we are joined with Chantal Spruit, the chair of the Facility Management Netherlands Expert Group on Sustainability and Rob Klinkert, Portfolio […]

Empowering Airport Facilities Teams for ADA Compliance: Mobile Apps and Innovative Solutions

In honor of the 33rd Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Disability Pride Month, the White House is focusing on […]

Access Floors and Agile Workplace Design During COVID-19

An agile working environment helps cultivate an effective business environment. It provides employees the liberty to work in various areas of a […]

Sustainability For All

Global results of the 2013 Sustainable Cultures in the Workplace survey conducted to inform executives about sustainability investment, workforce attitudes on sustainability, […]

Ensuring Occupant Health: Key Findings and Insights from Global Study of 21 Office Buildings

Most, if not all buildings, already have some of the sensors and data needed to prompt changes, that can measurably improve the […]