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Maximizing Operational Performance with Facility Condition Assessments

In this blog, the role of precise facility condition assessments and equipment inventory management is discussed. Many organizations, including municipalities, schools, hospitals, […]

Facility Master Planning, FCAs & the Importance of Accurate Asset Inventory

Many organizations say their asset inventory is off by as much as 20%-40%? It’s no wonder – considering building changes happen constantly. […]

Maximizing Operational Performance with FCAs

Many organizations, including municipalities, schools, hospitals, and manufacturers are currently or planning to do a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA). These assessments are […]

Preparing a Facility for Winter

FMs are provided checklists for properly managing and maintaining their cooling and heating systems in order to ensure efficient operations, tenant comfort, […]

The Art of Capital Planning

Understanding a capital budget and how to prioritize building and land improvements is critical to the success of anyone managing real estate […]

Proactive Maintenance Strategies for Operational Value

Preventative (PM) and predictive maintenance (PdM) programs are central to success and a critical element of effective asset management. A formal program […]

Managing Roofs for Sustainability

Learn how to reduce expensive roof emergencies with preventive maintenance, reduce and defer capital investments by extending the life of your roof, […]

Developing the Business Case for Preventative Maintenance: Understand the true ROI of Run to Fail

The Facility Condition Index (FCI) helps FMs understand the overall condition of their assets relative to property value. While FCI has been […]

The Role of the Facility Manager in Attaining and Maintaining AAALAC Accreditation

Facility managers as a group rarely get involved in Vivarium (Research Animal Facility) operations outside of corrective or preventive maintenance. However, accreditation […]

The Complete Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention Audit

This comprehensive audit helps facility managers find potential hazards and mitigate slip, trip and fall risks. Use this checklist to walk through […]