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Resources to help you manage the winter crisis, pandemic, or other sudden emergency situation.

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Navigating Emergency Scenarios: Tips for Facilities Teams to Stay Proactive

In this blog post, we dive into navigating emergency scenarios in the facilities world. With their up-close-and-personal knowledge of facilities, relationships with […]

Your FM Sustainability Guide for the Modern Enterprise

Sustainability in every industry is important to help protect our current environment and promote a clean, safe, and energy-efficient environment for future […]

The Facility Manager's Guide to Operating During COVID-19

This eBook contains workflows that will help any mail center or facility operate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Decarbonization Video Series

This video blog series highlights the important work of our carbon reduction partners, who share takeaways, best practices, and actionable steps you […]

Cyber Threat and the FM solution

Cases of cyber attacks and corporate espionage are on the rise. As the lynchpin behind the maintenance of a building’s operational integrity, […]

FM Performance Analytics: A Systematic Means to Develop an Effective FM Strategy

To achieve a high-performance building requires the organization to modify or upgrade building systems to improve efficiency and save money. This presentation […]

Clean Indoor Air Sustainability and Energy Savings: Yes You Can Have It All

An explanation of clean indoor air sustainability as achieved through the principles of impingement, interception and diffusion, with advice on filter efficiency […]

Weathering the Winter: Tips for Maintaining Your Fire Protection System

Castle provides specific steps FMs can take to ensure fire protection systems will function properly during cold temperatures, thereby securing the full […]

Control Consumption and Costs with Active Energy Management

Energy can be the third largest expense for organizations, but the active management of energy consumption using industry best practices and technology […]

Sustainability How-To Guide: No-Cost/Low-Cost Energy Savings Guide

The guide reveals the top four energy consumption pitfalls (equipment scheduling, sensor error, simultaneous heating and cooling and outside air usage) and […]