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Facility managers manage/oversee aspects of the entire organization that represent both significant financial investment in technology, buildings, structures, interiors, exteriors and grounds and considerable operational expense.

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Defining Facility Condition Assessment Level Of Detail

When it comes to facilities optimization, information is crucial to making defensible decisions. Facility condition assessments (FCAs) collect and create data to […]

Maximizing Operational Performance with Facility Condition Assessments

In this blog, the role of precise facility condition assessments and equipment inventory management is discussed. Many organizations, including municipalities, schools, hospitals, […]

Facility Master Planning, FCAs & the Importance of Accurate Asset Inventory

Many organizations say their asset inventory is off by as much as 20%-40%? It’s no wonder – considering building changes happen constantly. […]

How Facilities Managers can control costs as inflation mounts

Discover the strategies and tactics three facilities management (FM) practitioners are employing right now to maintain their budgets, ensure equipment uptime, and […]

A Facility Manager's Guide for Net-Zero Buildings

Decarbonizing operations was once revered as “nice to have” but has become a “must do.” As 50% of today’s buildings will still […]

Ep. 3: The Opportunity for IFM Services in Latin America

Luis Viña talks to IFMA’s LATAM working group about Integrated Facility Management in Latin America. ¿Cuál es la oportunidad para los servicios […]

Concierge Services and Contract Management Practices - EU O&M Benchmarks Report No. 2

This white paper focuses on concierge/housekeeping as well as the use of in-house versus outsources services for a variety of facility service […]

The Facilities Managers Guide to Exceptional Asset Management

Assets wear out. Your investment in buildings, machinery, equipment, plumbing, electrical, data, security, etc. is substantial. The longer you keep assets running […]

The Facilities Manager's Guide to Smarter Vendor Management

Five steps your organization can take to create trusted vendor relationships more efficiently, manage top vendors and form long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships […]

Finance for Public Sector FM

Do you have difficulty communicating with your financial officer? Often, this is the case for public sector facility professionals. This white paper […]