Renewals And Renovations

An alteration to return a building to its previous state or condition; to restore a facility asset to good condition; make new or as if new again; to enhance or change the use of the facility.

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Older Buildings, Younger Occupants

Attracting and retaining millennials with a facility upgrade

Bridging the Gap between Closeouts & Facilities

University and college campuses today are in a constant state of renewal as they compete for top students, faculty, and industry partnerships. […]

Architectural Preservation at Boston College Campus: A Systematic Approach

The systematic approach used for architectural preservation at Boston College, involving documentation of existing conditions, thorough analysis of collected data, and preparation […]

Don’t Overlook Adaptive Reuse as a Workplace Strategy: How to Plan, the Advantages and a Case Study of Department Store to Office Conversion

During the recent “New Normal Economy” workplace strategies have focused on making the best use of existing space or consolidating operations. With […]

Maintaining the Quality of Constructed Facilities Using the Performance Information Measurement System

This study focuses on implementing a measurement system through visual inspection to identify the performance of installed sprayed polyurethane foam roofs (94 […]