Asset Management

Coordinated activity of an organization to realize value from assets.

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Facility Master Planning, FCAs & the Importance of Accurate Asset Inventory

Many organizations say their asset inventory is off by as much as 20%-40%? It’s no wonder – considering building changes happen constantly. […]

Asset Tagging and Field Verification Becomes Easy with Smart Building Technology

As facilities age-organizing, streamlining, and updating information related to building assets can be a herculean task for facilities managers. This requires considerable […]

The Facilities Managers Guide to Exceptional Asset Management

Assets wear out. Your investment in buildings, machinery, equipment, plumbing, electrical, data, security, etc. is substantial. The longer you keep assets running […]

What’s next in operational excellence: Using data to elevate your maintenance roadmap

How to continue to advance your maintenance strategies – using data to better align maintenance to individual assets’ criticality and location and […]

One Big Thing: Single Source of Truth Asset Management

Management need to be aware of the importance and educated on the benefits of implementing asset management. As performance is key, are […]

How Technology can Enhance Asset Management Processes to Deliver Significant Cost Savings

Effective asset management is critical to minimizing costs and maximizing efficiencies within your FM department and your organization. Taking advantage of a […]

Challenges in Electronics

The article explores the company’s recycling and material recovery services, as well as membership benefits and programs offered.