Emergency Preparedness, Response And Recovery

The process or act of planning for, reacting to and recovering from environmental, biological/chemical and societal disasters that put people, property, technology, production and essential services (water, power, telecom, transportation) at risk.

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Customer Story: Innovative MLK Jr. Community Hospital Embraces Technology for Greater Efficiency

In this customer story, we see how the facilities team at a busy hospital in South Los Angeles is using technology to […]

Navigating Emergency Scenarios: Tips for Facilities Teams to Stay Proactive

In this blog post, we dive into navigating emergency scenarios in the facilities world. With their up-close-and-personal knowledge of facilities, relationships with […]

AEDs in the Workplace: A Buyers Guide

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can happen to anyone, anytime – including during a normal day at work. In fact, about 10,000 sudden […]

Drying Guide for Simple Water Damage

Overflowing sinks, plumbing leaks, pipe freeze-ups, and other small water intrusions can often be resolved by in-house facilities staff using equipment stored […]

Guide for Managing Excess Moisture and Humidity

Professional dehumidifiers can be temporarily installed to tackle mild or moderate humidity issues – from hot weather when the HVAC system is […]

How to Clean Up After a Natural Disaster

If your business or office was impacted by a natural disaster, you’re probably trying to figure out how and where to start […]

Active Shooter: Do You Know What to Do?

Mass shootings can happen anywhere. Training all individuals – not just building staff, but tenants too – so that they know what […]

When the Dust Settles: Reducing Chemical and Particle Health Risks Following a Large-Scale Urban Fire

Large-scale urban fires, like wildfires or chemical fires as recently experienced in East Palestine, Ohio may pose unique hazards to nearby communities […]

Take Custody of your Building's Institutional Knowledge

Watch this informative webinar where ARC Facilities National Director David Trask discussed the importance of capturing institutional knowledge as soon as possible […]

The Campus Digital Transformation Checklist

Spurred on by the pandemic, campus managers have had to think on their feet when adapting how they operate. First and foremost, […]