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Hospitality Council Podcast: Digitizing Facility Information

A podcast brought to you by the IFMA Hospitality Council for the professional development of our members and students studying facility management […]

The Dynamic Workplace Technology Assessment

This interactive e-book lets the reader to an assessment for someone to see how their company is adjusting to a changing workplace. […]

Multi-Data Point Analysis e-book

This e-book dives into how multi-source workplace data can give fresh insights into understanding office floor plans and how teams work together. […]

How Occupancy Data Transforms the Way We Operate Buildings

This report is meant to help building owners and operators understand how to best use occupancy data and what it can do […]

IoT and Your Elevator

Have you ever wondered how elevator technology, specifically IoT, could simplify your work and life? For more than 30 years, elevator companies […]

Leveraging Elevator IoT to Unlock Your Building's Potential

Beyond predictive maintenance capabilities, IoT will provide building owners and property manager’s access to data such as wait times, usage by floor […]

What is Security as a Service?

Security-as-a-Service comes with all the advantages of cloud computing. It gives facilities managers and building occupants alike access to cutting-edge capabilities that […]

FM:Systems Demo: Hybrid Strategies

FM:Systems experts discuss the Four Pillars of Workplace Transformation. In this episode, they dive into hybrid strategies.

The True Value of an Integrated Workplace Management

With an IWMS, real estate and facilities managers have an unprecedented opportunity to capture and analyze their data. It gives companies the […]

Ep. 4: Workplace Project Management and AEC Insight with Brittanie Campbell-Turner

Mike Petrusky met with Brittanie Campbell-Turner during IFMA’s Facility Fusion in Chicago, Illinois, and she shared her passion for the construction industry […]