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EP035: The Dynamics of Soft and Hard Services in Facilities Management

Today we are joined by Mauro Ortelli the Managing Director at 14forty, Jacqueline van Beek the Managing Director at Compass Group Netherlands, […]

EP023: Achieve Net-Zero in 3 Steps: Strategies for Facility Professionals PART 1

In part one of this week’s show, Laurie Gilmer, President and COO at Facility Engineering Associates, as well as the immediate past […]

EP024: Achieve Net-Zero in 3 Steps: Strategies for Facility Professionals Part 2

Welcome back to part two of this week show. And the previous episode, we had insightful discussions with Laurie Gilmer, President and […]

EP017: Clean Tech is Cool! with Mark Bernstein

Learn about Earthshot’s Clean Tech Portal where you can find innovations that can help existing and new buildings be more sustainable and […]

Understanding the Sequence and Strategy of Decarbonization

The concept of net-zero is simple: An organization must absorb as much carbon as it emits. Many organizations—and most countries—have committed to […]

4 Reasons to Retrofit Buildings for Net-zero Operations

Global building owners and operators recognize that much work is needed to help meet the IPCC-specified goal of limiting global warming to […]

How facility managers should lead net-zero action and how to start that journey

The world is now experiencing the convergence of two major crises. The first is the climate crisis, for which most countries are […]

A Facility Manager's Guide for Net-Zero Buildings

Decarbonizing operations was once revered as “nice to have” but has become a “must do.” As 50% of today’s buildings will still […]

Transforming Existing Hotels to Net Zero Carbon

This white paper, produced in collaboration with Arup, Gleeds and IHG, tackles the operational net-zero carbon challenge for existing hotels using a […]

IntenCity, a new net-zero energy Building of the Future

IntenCity, Schneider Electric’s new net-zero energy Building of the Future in Grenoble, France is a showcase for the company’s commitment to a […]