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EP033: Empowering the World to Breathe Better

We are back with another installment of the series by the IFMA Foundation, "Rework The Sustainable Development Chronicles" In this installment, host […]

Facility Management and Sustainability: A Fundamental Alliance

Guide to FM’s role in sustainability, including use cases and examples of areas where FM teams can be proactive contributors to your […]

EP017: Clean Tech is Cool! with Mark Bernstein

Learn about Earthshot’s Clean Tech Portal where you can find innovations that can help existing and new buildings be more sustainable and […]

EP021: Sustainability: The Eric Teicholz SFP Scholarship Award

We are delighted to present the latest episode of the IFMA Foundation series, titled "Rework The Sustainable Development Chronicles." In this installment, […]

Ep. 14: DEIB in the Workplace: Conversations That Include Everyone

Join us for another edition of the IFMA Foundation’s new series, Rework: The Sustainable Development Chronicles. In today’s episode, Jessica Bantom, author […]

Ep. 11: SDG, NGO, DEI, GWI: The ABCs of Sustainable Development 

IFMA is teaming up with the IFMA Foundation for a new series titled, Rework: The Sustainable Development Chronicles. As a new UN […]

Transformers: The Age of FM

This paper looks at business transformation and how Facility Managers can play key roles in executing on transformational initiatives. Comparison with the […]

Building Awareness: What it means when facilities become “people literate”

New technologies such as sensors, biometric readers, voice recognition devices, satisfaction buttons, and smart materials are making our buildings more “aware” – […]