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Navigating Facility Management Year End Roundtable Insights and Strategies

The Year End Reflections Facilities Roundtable, moderated by David Trask from ARC Facilities and hosted by Facility Executive, highlighted discussions on managing […]

How to Clean Up After a Natural Disaster

If your business or office was impacted by a natural disaster, you’re probably trying to figure out how and where to start […]

How extended reality empowers the electrical operation and maintenance workforce

While electrical distribution systems have become more complex, seasoned electrical professionals are retiring, and operational budgets are tightening. This leaves facility management […]

Business Continuity Planning: Are You Prepared?

Business continuity planning is defined and illustrated through real-world scenarios, including pandemic situations. Review examples of internal and external risk factors paired […]

Building and Emergency Info in the Palm of Your Hand

A guide on using mobile devices to communicate building info to first responders and others during emergencies.

Survival Triggers: The Hidden Reason Why Leaders Say and Do Stupid Things

It’s easy to read or hear about an executive saying or doing something that was not well thought out. It’s even easier […]

Lessons from Japan’s Latest Destructive Earthquake for Homeowners, Building Owners, and Facility Managers

The Kyushu earthquake of April 16, 2016 strongly affected wood-frame houses and other infrastructure that was built to world-class standards. Contrary to […]

Managing and Mitigating Risk Within Strategic Facility Management

The subject of this white paper is risk management and mitigation through strategic facility management, and it is based on fieldwork performed […]

The Workplace Management Framework

The WMF is designed to be applied to all types of workplaces and embraces high tech workplaces, (including Power Stations, Data Centers […]

Five Common Mistakes to Avoid When Handling Water Damage in Your Facility

Increase response time in water damage scenarios and collect reliable, actionable information for decision making by considering these five critical questions for […]